Visual Encore Plan

WHAT is a Visual Encore Plan?

An in-depth guided process to enable you to articulate your subconscious knowingness and desired future states into bold visual and actionable outcomes.

WHO benefits from a Visual Encore Plan?

Everyone who wants to move forward toward their goals, greater happiness and abundance with more certainty and swiftness.

WHY does a Visual Encore Plan matter?

With daily visible affirmation of the results you desire, you intensify focus, prioritize actions and magnify the Law of Attraction in your life. SEE IT, BELIEVE IT, ACHIEVE IT.

HOW does a Visual Encore Plan differ from a vision board?

Typical vision board creation, casual and social, results in a two-dimensional product created with random thinking and images. A Visual Encore Plan, a unique and comprehensive methodology, guides you to create a visual and physical representation of your unique WHY, Values and 'authentically you' Purpose and Priorities. Not random. Very specific and purposeful.

WHEN should I create a Visual Encore Plan?

Every time and anytime you experience change, are on the verge of change or desiring change in your life, when you know there must be more to life but can't quite picture it, when you realize you've been fulfilling someone else's plan for your life, when you need a catalyst to help you change habits, paradigms, and relationships that keep you stuck; it is time to create your Visual Encore Plan.

Your Visual Encore Plan is a visual and physical representation of

  • The kind of life you want to lead

  • The impact you want to have

  • What are you doing to create that impact

  • How you will feel while you are experiencing this part of your vision

If you don't know where you are going,

you won't get there.

The Visual Encore Plan guides you to reflect, intend and visualize waypoints, ensuring that you arrive at destination

YOU- the who you become on purpose, and with purpose.

Vision Boards

Are used by the most successful influencers, celebrities and athletes. People like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Sara Blakely, Jack Canfield, Jim Carey and many more have proven over & over that what you think about, good or about, you attract.

Visual Encore Plan

A Visual Creation of Your Future

Bring your dreams & desires to reality by connecting your subconscious wisdom to your conscious thoughts & actions!

Dreams become decisions when you are crystal clear on what you want and why you want it.

Decisions become reality when you are consistent with your attention and actions.

"A Visual Encore Plan, populated with images, icons and inspiration, anchors your subconscious beliefs & desires to your conscious goals & action."

Isabel Alexander

Create a lifetime of Visual Encore Plans

Yours to use again & again for each new role or purpose in your life!

Downloadable worksheets , props & materials with suggestions and supplemental resources. Work at your own pace, lessons in print, audio & video.

Value = Priceless

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